The Impact of a Complete Google Business Profile on Your Website's Search Results

Why you need a Google Business Profile
Why you need a Google Business Profile.
How a well-completed Google Business Profile affects the appearance of our website in search results.
A Google Business Profile (hereafter referred to as GBP) is a free space allocated to our business for information purposes and as a means of communicating with potential customers.
As well as the usual details, location, opening hours and contacts, we have two great tools:

1. The possibility to publish articles (text, photos, videos).
2. The ability for your customers to write and read reviews about your business.

Posting- Why do it

On our main website we post basic information about what we do: short, clear, easy to understand, not boring. But here on GBP we give you the opportunity to talk about our business in more detail.
The post is limited to 1500 characters, which is more than enough to give your audience the information you'd like to convey.

Two important roles that posts play on GBP are
1. Encourage the reader to take an action: call us or go to the main website or a specific part of it.
2. The post is published on Google itself, so it is also read by Google, which helps the SEO of our main website. What is SEO?

What to write in GBP and what you definitely don't need to do.

It's probably a bit of a mouthful, but we have to realise that the reader is looking for information that will help them make an informed choice about who can solve their problem or need to the extent they expect, and they don't care who does it. Our job is not to write about ourselves, but about the reader - he should see himself with his problem in your text. Because we know that the sweetest word in the world is your name. Write about how you solve the reader's problem. Try Reflecting Desire article about it.
But you should refrain from obsessive self-promotion. Google Ads is responsible for advertising.
But we can also help ourselves in this situation, and Google Reviews will help us.

Google Reviews: Silent Yet Powerful

Reviews are crucial. They influence potential customers more than your own claims. But getting them can be tricky:
  • Not Everyone Reviews: Satisfied customers often move on without leaving feedback.
  • Your Role: Encourage reviews to build your reputation and attract new customers.
However, it is important for us as sellers to get this feedback. A clear guide to getting more reviews on Google - try it and help me promote my own website - Can't Solo This Dance, It Needs a Flashy Partner!
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