A clear guide to getting more reviews on Google

A clear guide to getting more reviews on Google
I think it's clear even to a tree that in order to get good feedback on a job well done, the job has to be done:

a) Good, and even better than expected.
b) At the agreed price
c) On time or even sooner than expected.
d) Your customer service has made the customer want to send you a bottle of decent whisky right away!
Whisky - generally not a bad option, but we are now interested in getting a good review on Google, and not just like "Everything is fine", but so that the customer has spelt a, b, c and e in his review.

It's a dramatic fact, but customers don't often spoil us with "voluntary" reviews, not because they're ungrateful bastards, but because they're like us: pay, get, forget.

We just have to remind them to leave their feedback and argue why.

To do this, we need to contact the person. A phone call is the least effective because
1. The person feels uncomfortable talking
2. a phone call means they have to take an extra action, which is to google your company, search for your company, figure out where to write the damn review... It's long, boring and nobody cares.

Email or Watsapp are best for this. Personally, I would prefer email because people read emails in a quiet environment, in the evening, sitting on a sofa.
Here you are sitting on this sofa reading emails and you see some text like this:
Hello Mary,
You're being contacted by Umbrella and Pumpkin customer service.
We want to make sure that you are happy with our product and have no complaints.

If something has suddenly gone wrong, please contact us in any way that is convenient for you so that we can rectify the situation immediately.

However, if you are completely satisfied with your new purchase, please feel free to leave a review on our GBP to let others know about your experience with us and help them make a more informed decision.
And two buttons in a row:


The first button takes Mary to the feedback form and the second button takes her to email support.
In the first case, Mary will easily leave you a good review, in the second case, in the absolute majority of cases, you will negate the chance of getting a negative review.

So Mary gives us the feedback we need. If your business involves repeat sales or pre-sales, offer her a tiny discount.
That's how you get another loyal customer.

But what if you get a negative review? How can you turn it to your advantage? - Comment, don't be lazy.
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