What is SEO? What is it and how does it work?

What really is SEO, and how does it work in today's digital landscape?
In simple words - it is a set of actions performed on our website by which soulless Google robots evaluate its quality.
To enumerate the metrics on which the calculation is carried out - wipe your fingers to the elbow on the keyboard, and not all of them are open to public inspection. You don't have to.

That used to live, eh? (gives away the author's age)

You stuffed headlines, keywords into the text, stole photos from the same Google (especially cynical people did not even edit them to hide their low social behaviour in the form of stealing). On top of that, you bought backlinks from the link farmers and there you were.
Fortunately, those times are over.

In order not to spread my thoughts all over the floor, I'll try to list the basic rules as I see them.


The choice of platform depends directly on the tasks set for the site. Some are quite flexible, others not so much. All of them have their advantages and are entitled to them. But the choice is always yours. I decided on Tilda Publishing and I consider it one of the most progressive in terms of issozulyazheniya, functionality and this is the same SEO


Hosting is a service for storing a website. It is needed so that internet users can visit it.There are many parameters to evaluate hosting, but we do not need to go into them. We just want one thing - that the site "flies" and has a secure connection (SSL) - and this is one of the most important factors for SEO.
Some hosts are greedy and clumsy, some are not bad. I have solved this problem for myself - if you are interested, ask me.

Domain name

Your domain name should (?) contain keywords on which our site will be honed. I tend to agree with this, but I think the key point is ease of remembering and some association with what we do.
There are different domain zones and you should choose one or the other depending on how
a) our business is scalable (if we are focused on Ireland, go for .ie)
b) domain names are available (e.g. it is difficult to find a convenient .com name).

Original content (text, photo, video)

This is where we have to sweat....
What is original text?
It's text that fully describes what you're offering on the site in a way that others don't. Have you noticed the boring comic? -The jokes are flat, pathetic, even though he speaks to us in our language and addresses us. He thinks we should like his jokes... In this case, the media are increasingly becoming such comedians.
So let us not be boring comedians with flat lyrics. Let's use our brains, take our time and make a good text that is necessary for OUR audience.
Believe me, the robot that checks the site for usability will also appreciate this work. How? - we will get a better position in the search results for FREE. It's called organic traffic.

What is original visual content?
We use our own high quality photos and videos wherever possible, and use them alongside text that is logically appropriate. Google is very good at 'reading' what is in a photo or video. And if the text block matches the image, congratulations, we got another plus from the robot. Thank you, darling.

Usability (design, clarity, logic, completeness of information)

Have you seen how doctors write? - Something important, but completely illegible.
We may not be doctors, but we are important people, so we will do this:

1. We will present the information to the reader in a clear, concise manner, with significant "pauses" between semantic blocks. And so that there is no time to get bored, we will add some design elements, we can even animate. This is called "air" Everyone loves air, even robots.
2. Let's organise the content in such a way that the reader can find answers to questions as they arise in his or her mind. In this way, we invite the reader to spend more time on the site and go "deeper". It makes everyone feel good, including the robot, so it understands that the information presented on the site is interesting, timely and useful and should be valued. This is how Page Rank is formed.
An example from each of our lives. A company is made up of trusted people, but the opinion of only one of them is considered the most important, and it is from such people that we seek advice. In the case of SEO, according to the search results, our site will be higher than the others because we are READ.
There are also social networks and the concept of dynamic content.... But in this article I have already done my SEO.
By the way, can you make a good website in 4 days, do you think? - Email.
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