Social media and how not to get hurt

First, let's put the whiskey away; clear heads lead to wiser choices.

Back in 2007, a smart guy said to me, "That Jewish kid Carl is going to make a huge fortune - look what he's doing. Well, I am.

Let's talk about Facebook

As a company, we look at it from two perspectives:

1. Providing information to a potential customer in the form of a dialogue.
2. We're just outright advertising our business.

The vast majority of companies fall into direct mail, which we all know is annoying.
So what do we do with all this?

Flip thinks we should talk about what we sell [Reflections article...]. Awesome suggests we colour this narrative so it doesn't get boring. Whatever Flip'n Awesome thinks, we should be talking on social media, not advertising. That's how we help ourselves. And advertising? Advertising is a different conversation. Interested?
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